Build and Deploy Custom Caddy instance as a container

Updated 4 hours ago

A set of docker image build scripts using buildx bake

Updated 5 days ago

docker-compose to spin up an instance of nextcloud using containers

Updated 4 months ago

Useful actions for nemo file manager

Updated 7 months ago

A tasmota berry application for weather station data collection, manipulation and publishing for use with sparkfun weather station.

Updated 7 months ago

Utility Modules for Tasmota Berry

Updated 7 months ago

Fork of geek doc

Updated 10 months ago

landing page theme

Updated 1 year ago

Create a history by writing important app/process events to a jsonl file

Updated 2 years ago

encode/decode a js object to/from a buffer. For use on a stream.

Updated 2 years ago

Set, access and delete nested object properties with a path string and or array

Updated 2 years ago

script(s) to spin up multiple web based code/file editors. Uses docker-compose with environment substitution and the code-server docker image.

Updated 6 months ago

Hugo live reload server service for running instances of Hugo that update live

Updated 10 months ago

hugo them shortcodes bundled without any additional theming. used in addition to a main theme

Updated 11 months ago

hugo theme for creating a documentation site

Updated 2 years ago