change python aliases to use just python3 that was the local installed default python3 will be used (i.e. 3.8 or 3.9, etc)

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commit 18e6c51f3b
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@ -10,13 +10,13 @@ use_pyenv() {
# TODO make alias generating function for versions of python
alias python3x="sudo -H python3.8 -m"
alias spip="sudo -H python3.8 -m pip"
alias spipi="sudo -H python3.8 -m pip install"
alias spipiu="sudo -H python3.8 -m pip install -U"
alias spipl="sudo -H python3.8 -m pip list"
alias spiplo="sudo -H python3.8 -m pip list --outdated"
alias pip3="sudo -H python3.8 -m pip"
alias python3x="sudo -H python3 -m"
alias spip="sudo -H python3 -m pip"
alias spipi="sudo -H python3 -m pip install"
alias spipiu="sudo -H python3 -m pip install -U"
alias spipl="sudo -H python3 -m pip list"
alias spiplo="sudo -H python3 -m pip list --outdated"
alias pip3="sudo -H python3 -m pip"
alias pipu="pipx upgrade"
alias pipua="pipx upgrade-all"
alias pipupip="pipx upgrade pipx"