Build and Deploy Custom Caddy instance as a container

Updated 4 hours ago

caddy2 deployment repo

Updated 4 hours ago

A set of docker image build scripts using buildx bake

Updated 5 days ago

core base shell repo including setup scripts. The repo constitues a minimal install

Updated 2 weeks ago

Common Host Shell repo for any machine hosts

Updated 3 weeks ago

Repo for common network scripts and modules

Updated 1 month ago

docker-compose to spin up an instance of nextcloud using containers

Updated 4 months ago

node script with cron job that will keep a aws route53 dns A record up to date with the network's public IP when it is changed by an ISP

Updated 5 months ago

script(s) to spin up multiple web based code/file editors. Uses docker-compose with environment substitution and the code-server docker image.

Updated 6 months ago

Useful actions for nemo file manager

Updated 7 months ago

A tasmota berry application for weather station data collection, manipulation and publishing for use with sparkfun weather station.

Updated 7 months ago

Utility Modules for Tasmota Berry

Updated 7 months ago

repo for running instances of node-red as self contained application in a docker container

Updated 8 months ago

Hugo live reload server service for running instances of Hugo that update live

Updated 10 months ago

Fork of geek doc

Updated 10 months ago

prairiecityoregon.* website

Updated 11 months ago

hugo them shortcodes bundled without any additional theming. used in addition to a main theme

Updated 11 months ago

bash shell environment, modules and functions for network(s) of machine (i.e. LAN)

Updated 1 year ago

bash shell environment, modules and functions for machine host(s)

Updated 1 year ago

The base bash shell directory and setup script for bash shell sourcing system

Updated 1 year ago