Functions to read and write lines of a file to/from an array of lines

Updated 2021-04-24 09:34:11 -07:00

casts a passed value to Boolean

Updated 2021-04-23 18:18:13 -07:00

Primary Base module used to create IOT instance processes which communicate via various flavors of sockets.

Updated 2021-04-05 17:36:00 -07:00

Home assistant config files. Starts with move to VM and upgrade to 107 see homeassistant-old repo for previous archive

Updated 2021-01-21 10:40:55 -08:00

hugo theme for creating a documentation site

Updated 2021-01-15 12:44:24 -08:00

gitea deployment repo

Updated 2020-12-13 17:31:41 -08:00

Node Red Docker Deployment using docker-compose. Holds per host data directories

Updated 2020-12-08 18:03:29 -08:00

bash scripts library to install software and languages

Updated 2020-11-07 22:19:34 -08:00

gmail and ses email plugin service for uci notify

Updated 2020-10-13 08:43:53 -07:00

Class to help log memory at snapshot and during garbage collection

Updated 2020-08-01 09:33:37 -07:00

Module Specifically for Raspberry Pi. Interrupted gpio pin are connect to socket(s) that can push UCI packets when interrupts happen (like when mcp ports chain interrupt from expander pin)

Updated 2020-07-27 14:10:56 -07:00

extends uci-i2c-device to support mcp 230xx chips via UCI packets

Updated 2020-07-26 17:34:36 -07:00

Live App Notification System using Service Plugins

Updated 2020-07-26 16:44:26 -07:00

an mqtt client that wraps/translates UCI packets for send/receive from mqtt brokers. Allow mqtt clients to to interact with UCI based system

Updated 2020-07-26 15:44:15 -07:00

TCP socket(server) and client(consumer) modules using the UCI packet format for communication. Primary a dependent of the UCI base module

Updated 2020-07-26 15:33:02 -07:00

web socket (server) that process UCI formate JSON packets and is for use with the UCI websocket browser client

Updated 2020-07-26 15:31:18 -07:00

Home Assistant Class and API for access to home assistant via websocket

Updated 2020-07-21 13:53:29 -07:00

A Class which creates a map of Observable and reduces their emissions into a single boolean

Updated 2020-07-20 16:23:16 -07:00

a uci notity plugin for sending messges to pushsafer service

Updated 2020-07-16 12:54:26 -07:00

A nodejs application to control a bank for irrigation solenoids via bank of gpios/relays

Updated 2020-06-21 11:37:25 -07:00