some scripts and services related to linux networking
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Simple Masquerade of Machines on Network through a WAN Interface

Need a simple (no firewall) isolated network within your network where those machines need to "talk outside".

My use case is a stand alone IOT system that had more than one host machine. By isolating that with a "gateway" sbc with dual nic (used usb/ethernet) I can have consistent IP addressing no matter where the system is deployed.

This really is only appropriate within a private LAN. If the WAN side is going to be public facing then you need a more robust firewall like firehol.

Included in repo are three bash scripts and Systemd Service file.

  1. clone repo

  2. edit the scripts changing the wan/lan Nic names

  3. edit service file changing the path to scripts

  4. link or copy the service file to /etc/systemd/system

Then to start, stop, persist

sudo systemctl start masquerade
sudo systemctl stop masquerade  
sudo systemctl enable masquerade  

try starting the service then ping something "outside" from a host "inside" (not the gateway)

if it works then enable it and you are set.

inspired by this post